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Primox Consultants
Primox Consultants specializes in political communication, campaign management, media management( digital & social), and polling. Our political consultants work with election candidates, elected officials, campaigns and political parties in India and throughout the world.

"Political & Strategy Consultancy"

A winning candidate must project the right image, boost a clear and well articulated message, and adopt a campaign strategy reflecting unambiguous goals. Primox Consultants offers a comprehensive approach to political consulting, including campaign and communication strategy, issue research and message development, political media and candidate development

  • To raise the standards of practice in political consultation, thereby enhancing the political process and improving public confidence in the political system.

  • To provide professional guidance, assistance, and education to members as they develop the skills, techniques, and business procedures required for successful political consultation.

  • To establish and maintain a high standard of ethical conduct through membership education and the establishment and promotion of a workable Code of Professional Ethics for members.

  • To help inform the news media, educational institutions, political organizations, and the general public about the value of political consultation and its contribution to the political process.

  • To place particular emphasis in our work on reaching out to involve and educate young people in the art of political consultation and in the benefits it brings to the practice of democracy.

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